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Green Spider

Observed: 15th March 2012 By: CXW89CXW89’s reputation in InvertebratesCXW89’s reputation in InvertebratesCXW89’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Latin name

Hi, I think the Latin name is slightly wrong and hence why it has not brought up a carousel of similar sightings. You seem to have two Latin names combined. Its either Araniella cucurbitina or A. opistographa but then I'm no expert in spiders. Regards Chris.

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Latin Name

I selected this name because apparently there are two species that are "twined" and almost impossible to tell apart

Im not an expert though - Its just what i found out from reading about it first - when i put in "cucumber green spider" into the common name it didn't suggest a latin name so I did a bit of digging on a few other sites

Thank you for your advice though!