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My blackbird

Observed: 6th April 2010 By: ru9
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my blackbird is now sat on eggs,i think this is early due to cold weather we've had,does any one know if there is any earlier

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I wondered if any one knows of blackbirds nesting this early, could you let me know please

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Blackbirds are reasonably

Blackbirds are reasonably unpredictable, and early nesters.
The pair that built on top of a stump just outside my front door, deserted (or one was taken by the sparrowhawk), over a week ago. The first that I saw collecting nesting material was about a month ago but building a nest can take little more than a day to several days.
I am in Leicestershire.

I did see the first swallow today though.

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By coincidence, I stepped outside of the back door this morning to find 2 freshly-hatched blackbird egg-shells on the ground. Later, I gave a neighbour a hand fixing an outside tap and there was a fledgling blackbird in his garden - reasonably confident on the wing, it was at least 3 weeks old; with an incubation period of around 14 days, the egg was laid at least 5 weeks ago.