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Observed: 15th March 2012 By: VivienVivien’s reputation in Invertebrates
dead landhopper 150312-3
dead landhopper 150312 underside

about 1 cm long not fully extended (i.e. as in photos) Legs and antennae not all clear as it was found dead in water so they have stuck somewhat

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Could be!

Thanks, GreenOgre. It does look very like the images I found from a search for this, although the rear end looks a bit different, maybe because it's a different gender.

I found a live one indoors a few days ago but didn't have time to photograph it before putting it outside to save it from being accidentally squashed. It was much darker but I suspect the same species.


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If the Land-hopper is very dark in life, almost black (but fades to orange on death, and straw colour if preserved in alcohol), and found well inland, and well away from river banks, then it can only be Arcitalitrus dorrieni. Other talitrids are brown/orange in colour and occur close to high tide mark, or on the margins of river eustaries and lower reaches of rivers. BMIG are interested in records of Land-hopper Arcitalitrus dorieni - see

This image doesn't look like Arcitalitrus to me.