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Wood Mouse

Observed: 8th March 2012 By: NicolaNicola’s reputation in MammalsNicola’s reputation in Mammals

One of the Wood Mice found during a small mammal trapping session at college.

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Which species?

I did agree with wood mouse, but now I'm not so sure about the size of that splodge on its chest. Some yellow-necked mice do have a splodge rather than a complete band of colour from shoulder to shoulder and that splodge (scientific terminology BTW) looks relatively big. Any thoughts anyone?
Nicola - was whoever was supervising your trapping session confident this was a wood mouse (I assume so as you've said "I'm as sure as I can be")?

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Hi Gill I think he would have

Hi Gill

I think he would have been very excited to have found a Yellow-necked Mouse. He was confident that all we found were wood mice and voles and he has had a lot of experience of small mammal trapping. But... you never know!