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Purple and pink garden flower

Observed: 11th March 2012 By: beccasroberts

My Nana thought it was called Jock and Jenny but I can't find it on google by this name.

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Variable coloured flowers and leaves spotted with white. Pretty certain it is this

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Sorry George, I honestly didn't see your comment as it was off my screen. I was pleased that I might have got it right on my own, if I had looked down the page the answer would have been staring me in the face. Chris.

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I thought I had posted and

I thought I had posted and identification but it turned out only to be a comment. I will get used to it one day!!

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It has lots of common names so that is why it is important to use the scientific name as there is only one and there universal.If you look at the comments section in the last observation on the carousel below you will see all the common names.


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Lungwort aka Soldiers and Sailors

This plant in our garden is the one the Spring Flower Bee visits first each year.