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Juvenile Pied Wagtail

Observed: 30th July 2010 By: caledonia86caledonia86’s reputation in Birdscaledonia86’s reputation in Birds
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Species with which Pied Wagtail (Motacilla alba subsp. yarrellii) interacts


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wrong id

How do I remove the ltt id? I was playing about and I pressed the "save" button by mistake.

Bill Henderson

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Removing ID's

You can remove an ID once it has been posted I'm afraid. I believe that the reason for this is to show how the ID has developed with different ID's suggested over time.

As you've posted the above comment it should be clear to everyone that you didn't mean to add the L-t Tit ID though!

I don't see any reason to think that this is a juvenile (as per the observation title).

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Removing IDs

Thanks, that's re-assuring.


Bill Henderson