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Hybrid or Native?

Observed: 1st May 2011 By: Nature girl
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
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Like all your photo's but they are still Blubells. Beautiful Bluebells in beautiful surroundings sure but - still Bluebells. Luv them keep posting.

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Spanish ones?

Look like the native bluebell to me. That said I was talking to someone from Kew recently who commented that it is likely that there is some Spanish Bluebell genetic material in most of the apparently native British Bluebells these days.

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Is that really true or just

Is that really true or just an assumption? Also, when does it become important? If we were to follow the same logic for mammal most red deer records should be changed to red x sika deer hybrids?

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True or assumption

My understanding (although this is all second hand and based on a conversation I am recalling rather than academic papers) is that it is based on samples of (aparently) native bluebells that have had their genes analysed.

So being based on samples it is an assumption that it applies in a specific case.

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Good old genetics

I'm glad they are natives even if they might have a bit of Spanish "blood" in them. I think they just appeared Spanish-looking because they were in full bloom unlike the ones in my previous post, which were (to me) more obviously natives.