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Apium graveolens

Observed: 5th July 2009 By: Jonathan
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This is not wild celery, it

This is not wild celery, it might be Fool's water-cress but I always confuse that species so will leave it to someone else to be more definitive.

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Fool's water-cress

My vote goes for fool's water-cress based on Rose & O'Reilly and knowledge of similar species. It can not be wild celery as the leaves are not three lobed, they are more oval in shape. Also what look like leaves are clearly opposite leaflets within a larger leaf (making the leaf once pinate).

The teeth on the leaves look to be too small to be lesser water-parsnip, though having seen lesser water-parsnip I do not recall having seen fool's water-cress.

Graham Banwell

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