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Unknown feather, possibly Sparrowhawk?

Observed: 6th March 2012 By: scottscott’s reputation in Birdsscott’s reputation in Birdsscott’s reputation in Birds
unknown feather
unknown feather2
unknown feather3
unknown feather4
unknown feather5

I know that there are are Sparrowhawk in the area, and a female in one particular concentration of land of which I found these feathers. i think they could be from the very top of the wings near the shoulder of the female sparrowhawk. they were in a small clump and are not very big.In picture 1 it shows all the small brown feathers, they have no pattern, picture 2 show one of the biggest of the brown feathers, in picture 2 the feather is 4cm. pictures 2 and 3 the feathers are 1.5cm-2cm. in picture 5 the feather is 3.5cm.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi orphys, I totally agree

Hi orphys, I totally agree with it being a song or mistle thrush, but which one. if the case is that song thrushes have more of a yellow brownish plumage on its front than the mistle thrush then think you've got it.
thank you very much, Scott.