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A bone - any experts out there?

Observed: 12th March 2012 By: phildean
Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust
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The photo shows dimensions. It was found in leaf litter in the garden. It looks like a vertebra with two ribs attached. I thought I'd try the mammals section of Ispot before moving on to birds or reptiles/amphibians.

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I hope I'm right, but just drawing on vague memories of zoology lessons more years ago than I care to recall.

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I have never seen a wishbone

I have never seen a wishbone with that structure at the join. Might it be part of the hyoid apparatus of a mammal? That is not something of which I have great experience, but it does have a forked bone generally like this one.

If it was a vertebra and ribs, I would expect that circular structure to be at 90 deg to where it is here.



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