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Observed: 12th March 2012 By: creaturesnappercreaturesnapper’s reputation in Birdscreaturesnapper’s reputation in Birdscreaturesnapper’s reputation in Birdscreaturesnapper’s reputation in Birds
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I'm certainly happy to go along with ophrys's suggestion that this one cannot be done (certainly from a single photo). Good birds for sparking a debate these 'polls though.

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I will post another view ,that will hopefully give you a better idea which poll we are dealing with.

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Another view

Is that this one (, if that is the same bird then I am happy it is a lesser.

Incidentally if you want to you could edit this entry and add the new photograph here rather than a separate entry.

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Assuming that the birds are the same, then David was correct, as the new photo is certainly a cabaret. The extra photos are always worth putting up!


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It is the same bird ,that came obligingly closer.

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I'm still agree to the non specific ID for this one!

Although I've already given agreement to the Lesser Redpoll ID of the additional photo, and this photo shows the same individual, I'm still agreeing to the ID posted by Ophrys, because the ID can't be confirmed from the photo in this observation!

It's interesting how much paler the bird looks here than in the other observation - a good example of how lighting/exposure can affect the appearance of a bird in a photo.