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Ivy-leaved Speedwell

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Deep blue!

I have never seen an Ivy-leaved Speedwell with flowers this deep blue. Are there any other species with blue anthers?

Bill Welch

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Blue Anthers

Just spotted this post so I looked through some of my Veronica images.
I appear to have many Veronica persica and filiformis images with blue anthers.

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How are the calyx lobes?

Stace p. 587 gives
3 Calyx-lobes cordate at the base 15 V. hederifolia
4 Calyx-lobes cuneate to rounded at the base ...... 23 V. persica

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Veronica persica

As mentioned above, no ivy-leaved Veronica has such a flower color. Almost certainly Veronica persica

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Veronica hederifolia ssp hederifolia

This one does have flowers this deep blue, contrary to statements above. V. persica is paler.