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Caterpiller or Sawfly larva?

Observed: 10th July 2009 By: gary.hilton
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Caterpillar on Yellow Flag Iris
Caterpillar on Yellow Flag Iris (2)

Green Larva on well eaten Yellow Flag Iris leaf growing in pond. Has double rows of lighter coloured spots.

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The number of fleshy 'prolegs' under the body (behind the three pairs of true insect legs) will show this to be a sawfly (moths have five pairs of prolegs at most, sawflies have at least six). And in this case the foodplant is a very good clue - there is only one sawfly that feeds on it, Rhadinoceraea micans, and it looks just like your photo!

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Iris Sawfly (Rhadinoceraea micans)

I'd agree with Iris Sawfly. I've also seen them on Yellow Flag recently:

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sawfly observations

Hi JaseJ, thanks for posting the link to your previous observation, I'd overlooked that one. Have just been back to it and given it a Spot-on!

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