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Ui fruit Sani Lodge p1a

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Ui fruit Sani Lodge p1a
Ui fruit Sani Lodge p1b

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Ui fruit Sani Lodge p1a

Could it be a poor specimen of a Loquat? It has the colour, size and looks as though it could be pear shaped. Don't know if they grow in that region. Did it have 3 stones in? Just a possibility.

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Great minds...

I was thinking loquat too, because I have bought them at Asian markets/grocers in the UK, but wasn't sure about Ecuador.

Some digging around brings up the possibility of naranjilla (Solanum quitoense), but I'm not familiar with this one.


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Cut it

Whatever it is the best way to get confirmation would be with a photo of it cut so that the seeds can be seen as well as the before photo.


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Cut it

I'll try to remember that for the future, but I didn't bring this one home. Thanks