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Atrocious beetle pic

Observed: 3rd February 2012 By: YashcaYashca’s reputation in InvertebratesYashca’s reputation in InvertebratesYashca’s reputation in InvertebratesYashca’s reputation in Invertebrates
Atrocious beetle pic

A small beetle (I think it is a beetle) 4mm long. Very difficult to photograph. I turned over a log on heathland and found at least ten of them underneath, but whenever I moved my camera near they would jump very suddenly and impressively into the air and disappear. Managed to get one in a pot, but still very difficult to photograph as it kept jumping with impressive force - I could feel the pressure on my palm with each jump. From above, the beetle is shiny dark brown, but with a faint 'dusty' appearance. It is broadly oval in shape, or rather, egg shaped, with the more pointed end being at the rear.

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That's excellent, thank you.

That's excellent, thank you. If there is only the one species in the UK then that is quite straightforward. Wonder how I could confirm it definitively? Ask a beetle expert I expect.

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Beetle ID

Yes, it would probably take an expert beetle taxonomist to be sure, and they'd probably want a specimen. There are SO many beetles species around that it's not inconceivable that species exist in the UK that haven't been recorded, and taxonomy changes all the time as some species get split into more than one or vice versa. Your record seems to be one county further north than the distribution maps show, but they may not be complete. If you can find a museum expert who knows this group or a county recording scheme organiser for example, they may be interested to see your shots/ give advice. Maybe contact the Yorkshire Naturalsist Union which has a checklist of beetle species: http://www.ynu.org.uk/entomology_coleoptera

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