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Dropping made almost solely from large beetles.

Observed: 10th March 2012 By: nightflynightfly’s reputation in Mammalsnightfly’s reputation in Mammalsnightfly’s reputation in Mammals
10 mar. 12 (181)
10 mar. 12 (185)

This washed out dropping was found on a moorland tussock 1 foot from a regular fox dropping with a pointed end, which contained sheeps wool.
It contains many large beetles. I think the 2nd crop shows a Dor beetle limb. It was found 20 yards from what I think is an otter holt entrance, not far from a small lake which contains trout. Can anyone suggest which species is likely to eat so many beetles?

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Thanks Amadan, that would

Thanks Amadan, that would make perfect sense, if I hadnt found what I believe to be an otter holt quite nearby, I probably wouldnt have questioned it much beyond fox, as I said there was a more solid, usual fox dropping right beside this one.