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Tawny owl feather?

Observed: 9th March 2011 By: scottscott’s reputation in Birdsscott’s reputation in Birdsscott’s reputation in Birds
tawny feathers

I think it could be from a tawny owl as it looks very muck like a picture I found on the internet(with the purple background) and I know that Tawny's are in that area. any suggestions and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou very much.

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Apologies for not getting back on your earlier post. I was away over the weekend. I think you've got this one right - Tawny probably more likely than LEO. It helps to know there are Tawny's in the area - the fluffy base is very typical of Owls and game-birds, but gamebirds usually have a second quill/spur of feather off from near the base of the quill.

If you put it in as Tawny Owl, as could be this, I'll agree it.

Well done