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I.D please!

Observed: 9th March 2011 By: scottscott’s reputation in Birdsscott’s reputation in Birdsscott’s reputation in Birds
pheasant wing

it is only 3-4cm and has a very short quill which has a kink in. I was thinking it might be from a female pheasant as a picture on the internet seems to match it, but I'm looking for a second opinion.
I did not get my feather from the wing that is photographed!
do not be confused, the female pheasant wing is a picture off the internet which I have put a ring around a certain area where I think identical feathers are to the one I found.


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I don't think you feather is from a Pheasant; certainly it is not one of the covert feathers which you have indicated. I think it can be pretty difficult to pinpoint a feather like this, without any more to go on. Most of a feather like that is covered up, so only the dirty white part will really be visible. That could fit quite a few birds. Were there no other feathers with it?


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there weren't any other

there weren't any other feathers with it, but I did find it at Gibraltar point nature reserve in Skegness which is on the coast so could this indicate it being from a more coastal bird such as a wader maybe. any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot Scott.

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The very fluffy base is more indicative of a pigeon (possibly feral pigeon) than a wader or other shorebird - the fluffy nature of the feather isn't conducive to drying after getting wet!

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