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March 9th bee

Observed: 9th March 2012 By: keithphotos.evanskeithphotos.evans’s reputation in Invertebrateskeithphotos.evans’s reputation in Invertebrateskeithphotos.evans’s reputation in Invertebrates
march 9th bee
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Extra Image

Hi Keith, do you have a further image that shows the tail i.e. a side view.

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re above

hi Chris sorry no , But the tail end was all black , dont know if that helps, regards keith

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Tail colour

Hi Keith, I can just see a buff colouring in shot towards the tail end, any ID would depend on whether this carried on or changed to white.

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This is certainly terrestris,

This is certainly terrestris, I think. If the tail really was all black, it suggests that it has been damaged, perhaps by a bird, and the last segments removed. I had one like that sent to me last week. Did the bee appear healthy, or rather sluggish - not flying and only crawling slowly?



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re above

hi Syrphus, not sluggish, and flying , the way it was resting could not see the back, thankyou for your comment , Keith.