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Unknown feather

Observed: 3rd March 2011 By: scottscott’s reputation in Birdsscott’s reputation in Birdsscott’s reputation in Birds
tawny feathers

I know that there are pheasant and partridge in the area. it is not an owl feather as it is not soft enough and its length is not right for an owl

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Why is the length wrong for an owl?

Owls have feathers of many different lengths. The very fine barbs and soft looking nature of the feathers all point to it being an owl feather, possibly from a long-eared owl given its hue

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thanks for the suggestion, i

thanks for the suggestion, i didn't realise that about owl feathers. i don't think it is from a long eared owl as they are so rare in this country. could it be from a barn owl?

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Barn Owl?

I don't think it would be a Barn Owl as the basal part of the feather would be whitish not dark grey. The distribution and populations of Long-eared Owls are not well known. More can be found in winter as Scandinavian birds are known to occur in larger numbers in some years, so it might just be from one

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can you show me some evidence

can you show me some evidence like a photo of the feather on the bird because unfortunately I'm not convinced. if any other suggestions spring to mind I'll be happy to hear them. thank you very much Scott.

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Not easy

It's not easy to show as it is a body / contour feather. I'll try to post another photo of some LEO feathers in the next few days when I get some time.

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thanks a lot for your help, a

thanks a lot for your help, a photo would be great though, Scott.
I have done some digging my self and think they it is a tawny owl as a picture on the internet seems to look a lot like it, not to mention I know that there are tawny owls in the area and they are very common. I have took the picture off the internet and put I next to mine so you can compare. I hope to hear your opinion, thanks a lot Scott.