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Small unknown feather

Observed: 9th March 2011 By: scottscott’s reputation in Birdsscott’s reputation in Birdsscott’s reputation in Birds

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Feral Pigeon?

Looks like it might be from a Feral Pigeon

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Could well be pigeon alright,

Could well be pigeon alright, but I think it could also possibly be from the wing of a cock pheasant. The cock pheasant which has the blue grey rump also has small grey feathers (covert feathers?) on the foremost area of the wing when standing or at rest. It isnt a rump feather as it is a very different structure. Quite a big area of the wing is this colour and the feather is reminiscent of them in structure and colouration.

Scott sorry I havent returned with anything on that possible duck feather yet, will do though.