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Solitary Bee with Parasite

Observed: 8th March 2012 By: Ed_PEd_P’s reputation in InvertebratesEd_P’s reputation in InvertebratesEd_P’s reputation in Invertebrates
Solitary Bee with Parasite

Just got a rear view shot of this solitary bee (first on my "patch" this year). Looks like an Andrena female and has a parasite attached and an adjacent depression where another may have been.

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The parasite seems to be the

The parasite seems to be the female of a stylopid, one of the Strepsiptera. Fascinating creatures! The article at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strepsiptera is informative.



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The parasite on the left is ceratinly a female Stylops, they don't leave their host. The depression on the right may be caused by a male which has emerged, if we could tilt the bee forwards a bit we might be able to see if the empty pupal case was still in place .

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Superb shot! Never seen a parasitised bee!