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Vole Hole?

Observed: 8th March 2012 By: Beagle
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Vole Hole?

Small hole 15cm approx. in diameter burrowed at base of tree very near to woodland path.

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15cm is big enough for a

15cm is big enough for a Rabbit - far too big for a vole. The pic does not make it look that big - did you measure it? A good comparison to have in your mind is that a CD is 12cm diameter, so your hole would need to be substantially larger than that - nearly half as big again in area. It would need an obsessive and very strong vole to do that!

Also, unless you are on Orkney or the Channel Is you will not find M. arvalis in UK. It is only the 'Common' Vole on these islands and on mainland Europe (despite some dots that you might see on the NBNG map).



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Mystery Hole

Thanks for your comments, as you say 15cm diameter is wide enough for a mammal of rabbit proportions however this was at the entrance and it quickly narrowed to the narrower 'tunnel' seen in the photo. Alternatively, it could have been tunnelled by a small mammal to begin with then enlarged by a larger one. I regularly walk this path so it came as a surprise when I saw it. Regards