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Baby Bat (dead)

Observed: 4th July 2011 By: RedPoppy

Bought a period House, one morning we found a dead baby bat just lying on a kitchen work surface. (must be a crack in ceiling above as we've also had shrews or mice drop through it too!)
He was bald, had little hooks and his features so perfect
It is a rural location, we have fields surrounding us with a large lake and copse in the grounds. Last summer the bats were doing fantastic aerial displays around the lake and through our trees, catching insects? We suspect they may be nesting in our roof and good luck to them too!
Can anyone identify what species of bat he is please ? Why did he die? Did he get too cold away from his mum?

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I think it may be best if you contacted the Bat Society type it into Google and all the information comes up.It is a protected species and I don't think there are any experts on bat's on this site I hope you get some success from there site and they have a helpline too.I to have bats as it is an old house that I live in but have never seen one close up only in fight at dusk.