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Bird seen on Hamsptead Heath

Observed: 2nd March 2012 By: stone_the_crows

I spotted this in some woodland edges on Hampstead Heath, it was probably a bit bigger than a starling (can't be sure though.)
I'm sure this is an easy one, but I'm no expert! I thought maybe a juvenile herring gull. But anyone know for sure? Thanks very much!

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I thinks its the Song as opposed to Mistle its certainly a Thrush I am open to correction

Best wishes HTH


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Clicked the wrong ID. I

Clicked the wrong ID.

I believe this is a Mistle thrush with crescent shaped markings down the breast unlike the dart shaped ones of the smaller song thrush.

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Looking at the rounded spots and size i would say Mistle thrush

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Smashing! Thanks so much all.

Smashing! Thanks so much all. I'll go with mistle :-)