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Observed: 7th March 2012 By: FenwickfieldFenwickfield’s reputation in MammalsFenwickfield’s reputation in MammalsFenwickfield’s reputation in Mammals
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Caught this fella when making my breakfast,and it was doing the same.Picture not to good as through the kitchen window and did not dare open it as I would have scared it off.It was dashing in and out of a rabbit hole at the base of a Sycamore tree then went into the hole I opened the window hoping for another photo when it came out but after 15 minutes freezing with the cold wind I gave up as he was know were to be seen probably having breakfast.I thought it has a lot of white on it so wonder if it changed to white in the winter as I am in the far north of England any thoughts welcome.I have put habitat as garden as it is a foot from my garden fence but the land is farmland,rough fell land.

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Great pictures -

Despite the limitations of the window!

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Terrific observation, I do envy you your location!!

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not always

Thanks Janet
I have always lived in the back of beyond except for collage in Hertfordshire which was a culture shock for me.I love it here but I can be snowed in for up to a month in bad winter's and it was 2 months a couple of years ago,I still don't see lot's of things you have photographed especially birds and no wild fowl at all.I think this is the nice thing about iSpot as we can see lot's of things that we may never see ourselves.