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Signs of Spring in Dorset

Observed: 6th March 2012 By: bumble
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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One part of a mass of frogspawn that has appeared over the last few days in ponds in this area. Do parent frogs now leave the pond area, I wonder?

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You may want to submit a further ID of Common Frog with the Latin name from the "get recommended" tab, in this way you should get the full credit for your sighting.

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Absent parents -

The adults usually disperse after spawning, as there is not enough food around for all of them.
One adult frequently stays on in our small garden pond most of the summer, but I have no idea - and presumably neither does the frog - if it is a parent of any of the tadpoles.
The book say that these adults contribute to the attrition rate by predating tadpoles, as of course do other amphibians and older siblings.

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Thanks Amadan for the

Thanks Amadan for the information. I was aware that newts ate tadpoles, but I was not that frogs practiced infanticide.