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Observed: 7th March 2012 By: tyronds
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This plant is growing in my garden and apparently it is illegal? I thought it was a nice plant that started growing.
Please advise what it is, where it comes from and why it would be illegal?

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It is invasive in natural habitats

and is considered a noxious weed in Southern Africa

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Commonly grown as a garden plant in the UK,it is overwintered under glass and then planted out for the summer. Certainly not aware it is regarded as a noxious species here as it wouldn't survive the winter.
I think the species is Lantana camara, but couldn't be sure.They are native to tropical America and Africa.

David J Trevan

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Alien invasive

Its status depends on what it is.

The NEMBA regulations state:
186. Lantana - all seed-producing species or seed-producing hybrids that are non-indigenous to South Africa
Lantana, Tickberry, Cherry pie - are 1 b - you are not allowed to have them and should remove them.