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Observed: 1st July 2009 By: homewld
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suggestion was Yellow Ophion

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Ophion is a 4-winged

Ophion is a 4-winged hymenopteran. This is a 2-winged fly (Diptera), and the 2 halteres (sensory vestigial hindwings) are clearly visible. It is a female cranefly, but I can't give a genus or species.

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Spotted Cranefly

Common "Spotted Cranefly"

Colin Jacobs.
Wild Flower Society member

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The name 'spotted cranefly'

The name 'spotted cranefly' applies to Nephrotoma sp., not to Ctenophora.

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Observation moved from ‘other

Observation moved from ‘other organisms' section to one of the other areas where it fits in better and people interested in this group of organisms can find it more easily. Other organisms group is only for things that do not fit in any of the other sections, for example bacteria, viruses, slime moulds or things that you have no idea which group to put them in.