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Small Bird

Observed: 5th March 2012 By: David Goad

I have reported this observation beofre but now I have (very poor) photo if you can enlarge it you will see it has looks a bit like a chaffinch with a black cap and a white collar. Any clues

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ID Comment

I have used the iSpot default scientific name as per a recent post from Martin Harvey.

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Scientific name.

I know that "revised scientific names", and their use on Ispot, have been discussed before, but I really don't think that I can see any benefit with sticking with old names (at least when international bodies and the British Ornithologists Union are in agreement about the revisions).
It always takes time for everyone to 'catch up' with changes, but internet sites like Ispot are best placed to get people used to the revised names.

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It definitely looks right for Stomechat

David Goad

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Yes I can see now the face is all Black - Its a Stonechat