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Common Toad

Observed: 8th April 2008 By: kedunckedunc’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles

Found this frog/toad at the end of stream in North Cornwall about to be washed into sea. Very pale skin.

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ID as common toad

Thanks for the ID dshubble. I was thrown by the pale colour which doesn't match with any of the photos I've seen.
Are usch colour /shade variations common I wonder ?

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Toad colours

Common toads are quite variable in colour, though I don't think this particular pale & spotted form is common; as far as I know, there are even albinos...


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Toad hues

Thanks Dave, have just discovered iSpot courtesy of Radio 4 this morning. It's brilliant ! I walk and photograph a lot and am always seeing things which don't quite match up with books/online pics etc.
Can see this is going to be informative and addictive !

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This is a common toad for all the reasons given by Dave above, including range.

These are weird markings, but then toads are very variable and there does not appear to be any environmental reason for the differences.

Graham Banwell

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