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06.03.2012 Wren (5)

This one seemed to be displaying, holding its wings out several times.

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Eurasian Wren or Wren.

While the scientific name of Troglodytes troglodytes is correct, the name "Winter Wren" doesn't really apply.
Winter Wren was introduced as a name in an attempt to standardise the English name, but the wren has now been split into several different species with "Winter Wren", which was originally an American name, now referring to one of the American species (and there may be further splits to come).
It would have made more sense to choose a new English name for the newly split American species in my opinion if standard English names without a risk of confusion are wanted. ;o)

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I thought the English name

I thought the English name was Northern Wren - which given its range is a sensible name

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Northern/Winter/Eurasian Wren

These are all names that have been used for Troglodytes troglodytes, but "Winter Wren" was the one that was chosen as a single name for the species before taxonomical studies of the North American wrens suggested that they should be treated as separate species.
With the races which are still classed as T. troglodytes found almost exclusively in Europe and Asia, where they are found just about everywhere (and with just a small part of the range extending outside of Eurasia into north Africa), Eurasian Wren seems like a good name to me!