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Observed: 3rd March 2012 By: Ed_PEd_P’s reputation in InvertebratesEd_P’s reputation in InvertebratesEd_P’s reputation in Invertebrates

Hibernating indoors.

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Species with which German wasp (Vespula germanica) interacts


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I think this may be vulgaris,

I think this may be vulgaris, but I am not very familiar at all with germanica. I have seen vulgaris with exactly this pattern on the clypeus, and even more broken into germanica-like spots, but the excitement has always died with a closer look (germanica is very rare in Scotland). The gena seems to have a black mark, the pronotal stripe fairly uniform thickness, and the ocular sinus yellow mark concave (all -> vulgaris).

If it is still hibernating, a good side-on and a full-face pic would help.



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Side-on View

I've added a side-on view Syrphus. This is the only other shot I got before the wasp decided it was time to make a bid for freedom!

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side shot

The addition of the site-on shot made it more easier. Angles of shot can often distort shapes quite markedly.