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Dark bush cricket ?

Observed: 15th July 2010 By: keithkkeithk’s reputation in Invertebrateskeithk’s reputation in Invertebrates
Dark bush cricket ?

found in thick wild growth, low to the ground and very noisy.
I think it's a dark bush-cricket, but not 100%

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Another image

Hi Keith, do you have an image of the top side at all ?

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Chris I'm sorry, no I don't.

Chris I'm sorry, no I don't. This is the only shot I have of this. (asking myself 'why?' now though!)

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Dark Bush-cricket

I agree your id. on the basis of the shape of the cerci (those twin structures at the rear of the abdomen), although the colour of the underside is usually more yellowish green. If the sound they were making could be described as a single repeated loud chirp, like a match being struck, that would clinch it. You may also have heard occasional longer chirps, which are produced when males are reacting to each other.

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Michael, thanks for that. I

Michael, thanks for that. I do remember the distinctive call that you describe, hard to forget really - short sharp and pretty relentless. Thanks again!