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Spring fungi

Observed: 5th March 2012 By: sonicmur
large brown, spring fungi

Large - as big as my hand. Dark brown - as in photo. Cream coloured gills (not pure white). I didn't touch it nor get up close to see the stem.


No identification made yet.

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These could be very weather

These could be very weather beaten Lepista nuda.

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could be a wide range of

could be a wide range of things but whatever it is they are quite interesting to be out in the spring so if you get the chance again have a good look under cap as well as on top and perhaps try breaking a few of the gills to check if they produce milk.

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could this be polyporus durus or are they just tree growers?

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The cap is the right colour

The cap is the right colour for P durus but if you look at the top two fruit-bodies you will see gills;)


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learning all the time

I'll get there eventually.

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Aren't we all;)

Aren't we all;)