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Red-legged Partridge

Observed: 5th March 2012 By: Michael HartupMichael Hartup’s reputation in BirdsMichael Hartup’s reputation in Birds
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This looks like a Red-legged Partridge to me, speckled breast/ barred flanks, but what's it doing in my garden in North London?!... (it isn't a very big garden either.)
It looks like it has something tied to/caught on its leg - so maybe the question is where it has come from?

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According to the most recent London Bird report Red-legged Partridge is a breeding resident in the London area and notes that "odd birds turn up occasionally in event the most urban of locations".

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Thanks for the update David.

Thanks for the update David. I guess it's not that unusual then, but I'm still amazed it chose a little 50ft garden with lordship rec. and downhills park on my doorstep and tottenham marshes not far away either.