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Flock of Brent Geese

Observed: 2nd March 2012 By: keithkkeithk’s reputation in Birdskeithk’s reputation in Birds
Flock of Brent Geese

One of a couple of large flocks of Brent geese seen on that day. It always amazes me that these geese fly to and from arctic Siberia, just incredible!

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ID Comment

Hi, I'm not sure where the "anatidae" bit comes from in the Latin name and as a result iSpot is not linking it with other sightings. I think you are correct in your ID with Dark Bellied Brents.

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latin name


Many thanks for your input, have to admit that I wasn't sure of the anatidae part either but this was in the book I referred to. I have since revised the latin name, I do hope that now helps iSpot link it with other sightings.
I have a feeling the same may happen with the Skylark sighting I have just added?!
Thanks again,

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Latin name

Hi Keith, the best option when entering a posting on iSpot is to enter the common name and then press the "get recommended" tab which will infill the Latin name for you. However just check it before you press save as a few on iSpot are incorrect.

With the Brent Geese there is a sub species for the Dark Bellied - Branta bernicla subsp.bernicla

Regards Chris

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It may be the light but could

It may be the light but could there be one pale-bellied bird in the top right of this photo?

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Well spotted Mark, it's a

Well spotted Mark, it's a tough one...I'm really not sure, it certainly does look lighter. Thanks for pointing it out, I'm going to look into that.