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Great Spotted Woodpecker in My Garden

Observed: 4th March 2012 By: David Trevan
Isle of Wight Natural History & Archaeological Soc
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Great spotted woodpecker on dead elm in my garden

Saw this through my bedroom window first thing this morning, on an old dead elm.By the time I got camera and focussed up, only managed these three shots before it flew off, so it was a case of now you see me, now you don't!
Although a fairly common visitor to our garden, this was the first time I've photographed one.

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There is not a red patch on the back of the head actually, is there? In which case it is a female.


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Female Great Spotted Woodpecker

Your right Ophrys, I did list features from my RSPB Book without looking closely at my image,useful to know for future reference though.

David J Trevan

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I suspect it is better to use the Notes section to list notes taken in the field, or from descriptions of your photos.

Not much is really added by copying from a field guide.
In fact if you mention a key feature from there which is not shown in the photo and not seen in the field people might falsely agree with the ID on the basis of your notes given a mistaken record (not a problem in this case as it is clearly a GSW but possibly an issue with other species / records).

David Howdon

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Point taken David, birds are a relatively new interest for me(plants being my main interest) and I find that by reading the key features from a guide and writing them down, it helps me to get familiar with the species characteristics. In this case I think I was a bit over enthusiastic and failed to notice if there was red patch on the back of the head,otherwise I agree with your comment totally.

David J Trevan