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Anax imperator

Observed: 14th September 2010 By: jginieisjginieis’s reputation in Invertebratesjginieis’s reputation in Invertebratesjginieis’s reputation in Invertebrates
Anax imperator_1815-002
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Welcome to iSpot!

The brackets with the number will confuse iSpot! Either the scientific name goes in brackets, or you leave them out. If you put in a new ID without the brackets, the other sightings of Anax imperator will appear below for comparison.

However, that will only happen if you also edit and reclassify it as an invertebrate...then more dragonfly experts will see it.


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Odd name

Hi, you are correct but the (1815) bit is confusing iSpot. You need the enter it as an Emperor Dragonfly with Anax imperator as the scientific name.