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Large Guernsey Caddisfly 3

Observed: 25th July 2011 By: mplawlormplawlor’s reputation in Invertebratesmplawlor’s reputation in Invertebrates
Caddis3 Guernsey 25Jul11

large species found in moth trap.

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Hi mplawlor,How large do you

Hi mplawlor,

How large do you mean? 1 inch long or much less than that?

To me it looks really like Agrypnia varia, or something very similar. It doesnt appear to be the really large Phryganea grandis or P. bipunctata, both of which are over 2.5 cms in length, grandis often 3cm.

Agrypnia varia is a smaller insect and would be closer to and just under 2cm. I think your caddis looks like it.

A. varia was formerly known as Phryganea varia and may still be refered to as such in some literature.


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Thanks for the info. I would

Thanks for the info. I would estimate about 15 to 20 mm from head to wing-tip, assuming egg-box structure has not changed.