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Foliate lichen

Observed: 28th February 2012 By: Helen Mainwood
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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20120228_3 foliate on pine

Foliate lichen growing on mature pine in pine woodland


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Lichen ID

Thanks for the ID. As a beginner I find it very confusing.

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It is

Don't worry - I still find it very confusing! The distinguishing feature here is the network of white lines (pseudocyphellae) from which clusters of powdery propagules (soredia) develop. Parmelia saxatilis is similar, but instead produces column-like outgrowths (isidia).

Cetraria chlorophylla (now known as Tuckermannopsis chlorophylla) doesn't have these raised lines, and develops soralia (the soredia-producing structures) on the lobe margins.