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Bumble bee

Observed: 2nd March 2012 By: kb9392
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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bombus t

Observed inside a crocus flower this morning. Body heavily laden with pollen. Did not seem able or willing to fly away. On being brought into the house for photographing she seemed to become more active & was returned to same spot later.

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In Scotland, right through to

In Scotland, right through to April, all the bumbles you see are likely to be queens, as they are the only ones to overwinter. They are just emerging now (my first of the year today). Occasionally you might get an early worker in late April, and even more rarely a male, from an early nest. Early males can occasionally arise from unfertilised worker eggs if the queen has died. In England they do things differently, and workers are seen all year in the south.



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