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Unusual Behaviour? Ladybird attacked by Wasp

Yesterday I observed a large Wasp which appeared to deliberately and without provocation attack a 7 - Spot Ladybird.

I have heard of some parasitic wasps laying eggs in ladybirds but this was not one of those species.

I thought perhaps the wasp wanted to kill it for food but it left the ladybird to wander off apparently unharmed.

After the assault the wasp settled on the next leaf while the ladybird made its escape.

Unfortunately I couldn't get a precise ID for the wasp but I am presuming it must have been a queen this early in the year.

Can anybody explain this seemingly unusual behaviour?

(Observation with photographs added)



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Wasp attacking ladybird

The above link shows a similar confrontation between common wasp and ladybird. Where wasp and ladybirds come into contact from my observations, seems to be at food sources in this case ivy where both were feeding on the flowers. Ants will also attack ladybirds who raid their aphid 'farms'.

It is interesting to watch the ladybird clamp down on the side the attacker approaches.