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Wasp Attacking Ladybird

Observed: 1st March 2012 By: CXW89CXW89’s reputation in InvertebratesCXW89’s reputation in InvertebratesCXW89’s reputation in Invertebrates

Observed a large Wasp (common wasp?)which appeared to attack a 7 - Spot Ladybird.
I have heard of parasitic wasps laying eggs in ladybirds and thought perhaps the wasp wanted to kill it for food but the ladybird appeared to be unharmed.
After the attack the wasp settled on the next leaf while the ladybird made its escape
Can anybody explain this behaviour?

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Wasp attack

I have watched a wasp attacking a 7-Spot at Mistley,Essex. It was quite ammusing really as the wasp moved round the ladybird it clamped itself down on the attack side, eventually the wasp gave up and the ladybird lived to face another day. I have also watched a similar attack by Black Garden Ants when a 7-Spot wandered into their Aphid 'farm'

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Please add an interaction!!!

Please add an interaction!!! If this is the Ladybird then the wasp needs to be posted (unless you already have).