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Callianthemum coriandrifolium, Passo di Monte Moro

Ranunculus glacialis by Tim Rich
National Museum Wales
Plants expert at 7:51 am 01/03/12
Confidence: It might be this.
Notes: The few leaves I can see are palmate and glossy not pinnate but I don't know Callianthemum

If he does not know it why does his identification take precedence over mine?




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I think This happens no matter what the confidence rate is if it is someone who has an expert badge.I have had this happen before and have seen it on other observations,I know it is very frustrations but I don't know you can change it ,it may be worth you putting this in the comments section of your observation and see if you get a response from the expert.


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Just to agree with Fenwickfield, the experts id will always take precedence no matter what the confidence rating, and the shading on the id will change also to indicate this.This also happens though if someone who is not an expert but who has a higher reputation than the original observer makes a revision. We went to an excellent talk recently by bobthebirder(Bob Ford, iSpot mentor for the southern area) when this was all explained!I appreciate your frustration Martin when you clearly know the id of the plant, but not sure what you can do about it.

David J Trevan

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Thank you for the explanation

Regards, Martin

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Didn't know it was compulsory

Didn't know it was compulsory to reply especially as I had nothing further to add. iSpot doesn't take notice of certainty; my identification was a suggestion "it might be this" and anyone looking at the observation will see that together with my comment that I don't know Callianthemum, and then see your reply and make a judgement. And perhaps then look for other images. I still prefer Ranunculus glacialis by the way with the coloured petals and shiny leaves.

Tim Rich

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What do you think of my Ranunculus glacialis picture?

"And perhaps then look for other images."
It is the only one available at present on iSpot, but you did not agree it. Of course, there is no reason why you should as there is no compulsion to do so.

Callianthemum also has the coloured petals and shiny leaves. However, the leaves in the observation that I call Callianthemum are different in my opinion. If you say they are not different then I stand corrected. Plant identification from photographs may not be a good idea as many are difficult. I am grateful for your help in any case.

Martin Bishop

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I've seen glacialis in

I've seen glacialis in Greenland and Scandinavia but not in the south, and your Callianthemum picture fitted what I would have expected, hence my tentative suggestion. I am not sure of your 249557 which does not quite look like what I would have expected so did not agree or disagree; I simply do not know. There are many images of both on the internet but as we all know you have to be careful. Not saying if you are right or wrong - just raising the possibility.

Tim Rich

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Thanks again

As far as I know, there is no way of telling that a person has looked at an observation and decided they are uncertain?

I will try and get better pictures. I am unsure of the legality of collecting some material.