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2012-03-01-Cobby (85)

Observed: 1st March 2012 By: KelsaeJohnKelsaeJohn’s reputation in BirdsKelsaeJohn’s reputation in BirdsKelsaeJohn’s reputation in BirdsKelsaeJohn’s reputation in Birds
2012-03-01-Cobby (85)
2012-03-01-Cobby (52)
2012-03-01-Cobby (50)
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1st winter

According to my RSPB British Bords book, the black band on the tail shows that this bird is in its first winter.


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It also shows some juvenile feathering on the wings indicating first winter.

David Howdon

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Looks like...

... your getting the hang of that camera John! Nice shots.



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Thanks Ray

That's the nicest thing I've heard all day! I, personally, didn't think much of them, but I see what you're saying. Until now, I have been a bit afraid of 'action shots' because, let's face it, I haven't yet mastered 'still' shots. Still, It's really nice to receive such a compliment. (I am trying!)
PS: did you not see my Cormorant post? (I think it was yesterday) I was so excited - mainly because I had never, never, seen a cormorant in this particular bit of the river; not only that but it was struggling with a big fish it had just caught. Around here, the cormorants, although fairly common are normally more 'shy' but in this case, I think the bird was just so engrossed in it's catch I was able to get close enough. It was the first thing I saw and maybe, I got a bit over-excited. The fact is that I did not take time to set a mode, programme, or whatever; I just started shooting. I can tell you that there is no-one more disappointed than me - knowing that I saw it struggling with the fish - in all kinds of 'poses' but I did not get one single picture I could say 'yes, I like that'
P.S. I have a feeling I was on 'P' when it happened

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I particularly like ...

... the third photo; I always like to see water flying, sun glinting off the droplets etc.

Yes I did see the cormorant observation and I’ve left a comment there.