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What can you see in March?

See the main iSpot news item for the top 20 most frequently observed species across all groups on iSpot for the month of March, and here is some more detail for the most frequently observed fungi and lichens:

Remember, if you do see a species that you've never noticed before (even if it is frequent on iSpot), do add the "New to me" tag when you upload your observation, so that it can become part of our Discover New Life feature - and have a look at the latest "New to me" observations.



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I would add that there are

I would add that there are some very interesting fungi that come up in spring such as the morels but so far have been rarely spotted on ispot so keep an eye out for these too.

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I suspect Xanthoria parietina tops the list because:

a) it is common
b) it is unmissable
c) OU students submit lichen observations
d) lichens don't have seasonal limitations

I must remember to use "New to Me".