What species can you see in March?

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With the arrival of March we should be seeing increasing signs of spring, and many forms of wildlife will be getting more active again. With over two years of observations now on iSpot it's interesting to look at what species people have seen each month - maybe this will help show what to look out for in the coming weeks, or maybe you can find species that are not yet on the list.

Remember, if you see a species that you've never noticed before (even if it is frequent on iSpot), do add the "New to me" tag when you upload your observation, so that it can become part of our Discover New Life feature - and have a look at the latest "New to me" observations.

Altogether, 923 different species have been observed on iSpot in Britain and Ireland during the month of March, of which the the top 20 most frequently observed are:

For more detail on the individual species groups see the iSpot forums, and if you'd like to see the full list of 923 species (perhaps to see how many of them you can find yourself!) please contact us.


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Please it would be cool

It would be cool if we could do this seasonal sort of stuff as a Project.

We just need a filter for season!!! - preferably by months or weeks (e.g. month of March, or weeks 12-16.