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Female Hoverfly ?

Observed: 29th February 2012 By: keithphotos.evanskeithphotos.evans’s reputation in Invertebrateskeithphotos.evans’s reputation in Invertebrateskeithphotos.evans’s reputation in Invertebrates
Female Hoverfly ?
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Female Hover

Impossible to go to species, (likely Genus Eristals Sp ) as the main ID features elsewhere need to be seen It is a female -wide eye spacing the occelli on the trangular vertex are also evident these are crude simple eyes that can detect movement ( and Shadows) The Arista on the antennae are also visible. The face , and any hair patterning on/ around the Compound eyes front and back legs if they can be snapped are also useful in Hoverfly ID


Various diagrams on link above

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