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Badger sett

Observed: 23rd February 2012 By: Merops-iar
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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badger bedding
badger droppings
badger sett

3 photographs relating to Badger sett and activity.
1. Bedding
2.Badger latrine
3.The sett

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Very neat pics

The parts of the 2 setts I see occasionally consist of holes,great mounds of soil in one sett &various well used latrines.Badgers get fed scraps round here & also raid bins & green food bins supplied by council for recycling.I use ours to take to our compost area.Was woken up by one trying to get it open.All I had in it were a few eggshells I think.Will take a pic of the spoil heap when I get a chance.

Hazel Trevan